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 My Suggestions

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PostSubject: My Suggestions   Mon Jul 07, 2014 8:19 pm

Since my brother has posted some suggestions, and I have also thought of some of my own, I have decided to post my suggestions on the forum.

1) War Team Tournament. This would be a round robin style tournament to decide the war team of PDA, preferably after PDA gains more members and becomes more active. The round robin style helps because bad hands do happen, especially on Dueling Network. However, since most wars will also be on Dueling Network, you want something that will allow for bad hands to happen while also helping to determine the best duelists of the academy. If somebody should lose a match due to a bad hand, then they would still be able to win if they're good because 1 loss in round robin is not that big a deal if you can still make it into the playoffs. If it were a single elimination tournament, then if somebody got a bad hand, they would be out of the tournament, despite the fact that they could be one of the best in the academy and war team material. But this should be something that would be done after everything else is properly organized.

2) Change the name of the Red Nova dorm to either Neo-Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon or Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon. Since the name of the academy is Photon Duel Academy, I think we should stick to using names of Photon and Galaxy monsters for the dorms, especially since there are still a couple names to use. This will help keep everything on the forum uniform and organized.

3) Capitalize the names of the dorms every place they will be seen, and keep it uniform. Honestly, this academy kinda looks as though it was thrown together with no effort and in 5 minutes. The GFX stuff is good, but there's still a lot of work to be done on the rest of the appearance. The appearance will be the first thing that somebody sees when they come to the academy, and it may eventually determine whether somebody joins the academy or just ignores it. I think that may be one of the main problems with recruiting. That, and people are too lazy to recruit, but that's another suggestion for another time. Those people that are recruited might leave because they don't want to be at an academy that looks like it was thrown together randomly by a bunch of rushed 10 year olds. We want it to look neat, uniform, and organized, as well as badass. As small as it may seem, capitalizing the names of the dorms could make a huge difference.

4) Change the main picture of the forum. Though I do think the GFX is good quality, it doesn't necessarily fit the theme of the academy. I would recommend including a couple of the main Galaxy and Photon monsters to fit the theme of Photon Duel Academy. If possible, you could show a clash of Photon vs Tachyon monsters, or maybe include Kaito in the image (if you don't use the battle idea). This is just another thing that I think would help with the uniformity of the academy, and would help keep more members interested in being a part of the academy.

5) After we gain more members, J was going to suggest the PDA Top Ten Tournament. This tournament would determine the best duelist of PDA. How this tournament will work is that Mystogan will select ten duelists that he thinks could be the best in the academy based on dueling skills and activity on the forum. Other duelists will then duel their way up the ladder by beating the top ten. Duelists can only duel the person directly above them. 9 can only challenge 8 and 3 can only challenge 2. If the lower ranked duelist wins, then they will take the spot of the higher ranked duelist and the higher ranked duelist will move down. The top 10 duelists of the academy at the end of the month, year, etc. will all earn some reward, but the top 3 duelists all win an even greater reward.
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PostSubject: Re: My Suggestions   Thu Jul 10, 2014 4:23 am

ideas r good................not bad  Very Happy 
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My Suggestions
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