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 Happy's Fishy Suggestions!

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Happy The Kitty Cat

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PostSubject: Happy's Fishy Suggestions!   Thu Jun 26, 2014 5:46 pm

Here is a list of suggestions that can potentially improve the academy/forum as a whole!

1.) SCM Music Player

Do you REALLY need a music player on the forum? It can make users lag really hard, thus resulting in a bad experience on the forum.

Yes it may allow users to listen to music on the forum, but the choice of music is very limited and can get boring really fast. There are two options for this:

  • 1: Ask members for their interests - This way you can add more music that is appealing to users, meaning that they'll enjoy their stay. You need a variety in the genres and not only have songs that are directly linked to Yu-Gi-Oh!

  • 2: Remove the music player - Simply because it lags, and the user can easily open up a tab and listen to their own music. What would you rather have? A music player or lag? 

2.) Retesting System

As far as I am aware of, users can take a FREE retest weekly, and you are trying to encourage activity on the forum? Shouldn't you have users pay for their retests using the points that they receive by being active on the forum (posting, partaking in tournaments)? That would make much more sense.


> Happy The Kitty Cat tests for Photon Duel Academy and scores a 54.

> Happy simply waits one week, completely ignoring the forum and not being active on it.

> Retests

> Rinse and repeat - Because Happy is a lazy cat. >.>

By making users PAY for their retests using the currency system on the forum, you are incorporating user interactivity, making them want to continue using it in order to receive more points.

> Happy scores 10 on test.

> Rather than hibernating for a week, Happy has to be active... Work, I know right?!

Retests should not cost that much, nor should they cost something that can be achieved with few posts. It should be a price that wouldn't put the user off, but rather make them work for it.

3.) Skype Group

The administrators on the forum can create a Skype group that will allow members to talk to each other with more ease. For my team, we have a Skype group that is used daily, calls are hosted regularly and this allows the team to be more active.

4.) Shop

There should be a shop on the forum where users can make purchases, as no one really has any idea of what to do with their coins...

In the shop you can have the following:

  • Name Change - Means that people cannot change their name for free, which can cause confusion.
  • Glow Effects on Names
  • Retest (Previously Discussed Above)
  • Deck/GFX Shop License - Means that not everyone can have a shop, and that you have to have a license.

5.) Points

You should review the points system and give users a higher amount of points for the things that they do, as single digit numbers look very boring. For instance, you can make it so that when a user makes a post, they get 100 points, rather than 1.

This makes getting points more fun as users will obviously want to become rich so that they can be all like: "Yo dawg, screw the rules, I have money."

6.) The Legend

You know that little guy called Happy, he's a legend and should be given fish! Nah, but really, you see that bar at the top of the page just under the forum banner? Yeah? It kind of needs changed, it is a pain to the human eye and doesn't look very appealing to people.

7.) The Graphics

You should make the graphics on the page better, and what better way to do this than hosting a GFX tournament of some sort.. I don't know... I'm literally getting random ideas now that don't make sense. In all seriousness though, it isn't necessarily a bad idea.

Hosting a tournament for the graphics designers! Whoever makes the best banner/image for the image gets a prize! Oh neat. <------ Makes people want to try harder. GG. WP.

8.) Removal of the Calender (the widget on the side)

Self-Explanatory. I have a calender on my phone and laptop. Checkmate. Keep it only if you are going to be integrating it with your tournaments and what not. Also, it looks bleh! O_O

I have more suggestions, but I feel that you are already dead/sleeping from reading that long list. Comment down below if you have any amazingly awesome suggestions or a question regarding any of them! I'd be HAPPY to hear them. #BadPunz #Kapow #GetRekt #ThugLoife I'm done. So done with life.

Can I has mah fishie nao? Pwease. Oh.. Okay.. I'll leave now.
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PostSubject: Re: Happy's Fishy Suggestions!   Thu Jun 26, 2014 5:56 pm

Here is my opinion:
Suggestion no.1:I'm gonna choose the second option.
Suggestion no.2:Great idea.
Suggestion no.3:We don't need skype group lol.
Suggestion no.4:Actualy glows and effect need to be bought same with Deck Gfx we don't have lot of gfxers and fore retest i will add it but names i dont know how to not make it free...
Suggestion no.5:Caama Suggested the same thing.
Suggestion no.6:Hmm i need your help at that
Suggestion no.7:We don't have enough gfxers
Suggestion no.8:Sure

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PostSubject: Re: Happy's Fishy Suggestions!   Thu Jun 26, 2014 5:58 pm

It's Caam, but anyways the music always makes me lag. I could help with the Gfx if I have time.
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PostSubject: Re: Happy's Fishy Suggestions!   

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Happy's Fishy Suggestions!
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