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 My Buddyfight Story (my first anime story by the way)

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Megumi Mamakari

Megumi Mamakari

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PostSubject: My Buddyfight Story (my first anime story by the way)   Wed Jun 18, 2014 8:53 am

"Ailo will start the match" said Kara
"Charge and Draw!" Said Ailo "Buddycall, Golden Dragon, Abend, to the center! Now, I cast, Rise & Fall of Dragons. Now I discard 3 Flame Emperor Dragon, Magmanovas, to hit you with 3 damage. Now, Golden Dragon Abend, attack Mystogan."
"That can't be good Mystogan's Life has dropped to 4 in one turn!" explained Kara
"How lucky can you get Ailo" Shouted Mystogan
"It ain't luck, but anyway, Final Phase, Evil Crusher, Steel Dragon Barrage!" Bellowed Ailo
"That is impossible, Ailo defeated Mystogan in one turn!" Screamed Kara, in a complete state of shock. The whole audience shared a huge gasp. Ailo sniggered and walked of, whilst Mystogan lay, his pride demolished, completely.

The next day

"Did you see Ailo take down Mystogan... It was the fastest win I have ever seen!" said a boy in 5th grade.
"Who didn't, I can't wait until after school, i'm gonna but some Ancient World cards!" said another boy in 5th grade. As soon as the boy said that a boy from 6th grade walked past him, and glanced at the boys eyes and said "don't be so idiotic..."
"Who are you?" Said the boy
"My name, is Ryuka." Said Ryuka. "Why would you care?" Ryko walks off and heads towards an english class. He stands outside the door, as if waiting for somebody to come out.
Meanwhile, inside the class -
"Wow Ailo, you were so impressive." Said a girl in 6th grade.
"It wasn't, you wouldn't understand" Said Ailo. After he said that, the bell went. As Ailo walked out the door Ryuka grabbed hold of his collar and made sure that nobody saw him.
"Ailo, give me back my deck now! Or trust me, there will be trouble!" Said Ryuka

(to be continued)

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PostSubject: Re: My Buddyfight Story (my first anime story by the way)   Wed Jun 18, 2014 9:38 am

:O Mystogan is to weak...

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My Buddyfight Story (my first anime story by the way)
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