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Card of the week
Photon Duel Academy Testing Format

All staff eligible to test must ensure that they follow this format while testing, and when retesting members.

Decks that both the tester and testee cannot use are:

  • Burn.
  • Exodia.
  • Stall Intentional Decks.
  • Infinite Loop Based Decks.
  • Alternative Win Decks (Deck-Out etc)

- If you use one of those decks in the test you will get Zero (0) in your result.
- No decks changing is allowed between the duels

Test Rubric

Duel Results:
Win 2-0: 10/10
Win 2-1: 7/10
Lose 2-1: 5/10
Lose 2-0: 0/10

Dueling Style: 5/5

Attitude: 5/5

Field Control: 10/10

Siding Skills: 10/10 (How the side affects the next duel)

Misplays: 5/5

Knowledge of Rulings: 10/10

Skill with Deck: 5/5

Control of Duel: 10/10

Quickness of Deck: 10/10

Deck Style: 10/10

Overall: 10/10

Total: /100

Ranking System

Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon: 0-75
Galaxy-Eyes Taychon Dragon: 76-90
Galaxy Eyes Full armor Photon Dragon : 91-100
Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon: 101-110

Tester Rules

  1. You must be friendly to everyone that you test, regardless of their attitude. If they act in a matter that offends you, or that you think would distort the image of Photon Duel Academy, you can immediately end the duel, which will automatically result in a 0/100.
  2. You must ensure that you receive a screenshot of the candidate's deck prior to the duel and during each of the siding screens. You may look at these screenshots to ensure that the deck that the candidate is using is perfectly legal for testing.
  3. You cannot steal a deck [netdecked] from a candidate without asking for their permission, this may prove problematic and can result in you losing your testing position.
  4. You must ensure that you have a watcher watching your duel during all times to make sure that the test is being carried out, and they can act as references to scores given on the test. They may help you grade the test if you need any help, specifically on the main and side decks.

Candidate Testing Rules

  1. You must screenshot your deck prior to the test and during the siding screens to both the tester and the watcher of the test. This is to ensure that your deck follows our rules and is perfectly fine for testing.
  2. Ensure that you are nice to the tester and watcher at all times, do not object to their authority and try not to provoke them in any way. If you seek assistance, contact another tester.
  3. If you feel that the tester is harassing you in any way, you may request another test from a different tester, so long as the watcher agrees that the tester was being biased and provoked you in any way.

You can be retested for 250 Galaxy Points.
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